Saturday, November 10, 2012

Urban Outfitters Holographic Polishes

Yes, that's right, folks.  Urban Outfitters has three glorious holographic polishes on sale RIGHT now!

You get full coverage with these holo polishes in two thin coats.  Since I have yet to spy Color Club Holo Hues anywhere local, I had to have these.  A friend in a nail group reposted a pic someone had shared in another nail group and I went that same night to hunt these down.  (If you haven't joined a FB nail group, please do so you too can get the polish scoop!)

Each polish is $10 and I haven't seen them available online yet. UPDATE:  You can buy them here! My UO didn't have these polishes with their other polishes so you may have to ask one or two sales people about them.

Get ready for supa-holo-polish-goodness!

First we have Green Holo.  (very original names, UO, she says dryly) Its a very sage looking green but once you have it on, you can barely tell its green in the sunlight.  Its a very pale, silvery green in indirect light.

 Next, keeping up with orginality, UO named this beauty Pink Holo.   This polish is a pale pink, leaning towards pastel holo wonder.  I LOVE it.   LOOOOOOOVE IT!  and you will too if you buy it. 

 Last, is Silver Holo.  I have several different brands of silver holographic polishes and this one seems to work just as well as those that cost $12-$20 plus.  It covers well with only a couple of thin coats and it has enough holo wow factor that you will be staring at your manicure for days. I doubt you'd be disappointed in purchasing this.

Last, you know me...I can't leave my nails with just one kind of polish so I added one coat of Petites' Comet (a pink and silver micro glitter polish) on top of Pink Holo and OMG...even better.  I love how the glitter breaks up the holo just enough to tone it down but still keeps the rainbow actions in play.

Go forth and buy all the UO Holo polishes!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Different Dimension Right to Vote 2012

So the genius behind Different Dimension, Missi, made an offer a month or two ago.  Send her a shot of your polling place and she'd send you a election inspired polish for $4 total.  As I've said, Different Dimension is one of my favorite indies so I was all over this polish offer.  I snapped a screenshot of my voting place and within a week I was a happy new owner of Right to Vote 2012.

You know me...I love to embellish so I added my own style to the Right to Vote 2012 polish.  But don't let my mani or this awesome polish distract you from the message...VOTE, please!

Suede Leopard and Zebra Nails

So I am still loving my Avon suedes.  They really are perfect for winter AND soo reasonable at $3.49 each!  Here I've used Blue Royale, Sumptuous Rose, and Fuchsia Feel.  I then added freehand zebra stripes and leopard spots in Revlon Gold Coin.   One of my more understated animal print nails and I am loving these color combinations.

Different Dimension To the Moon and Back

Another lovely mix from Different Dimensions, this one is called To the Moon and Back.  The name of this polish takes me back to the 90s, riding the bus on school events and blaring Savage Garden's To the Moon and Back.  Ah, memory lane!  Anyway this polish has a cool shimmery blue base with dark blue and silver micro glitters and silver star and moon glitters.   I just noticed I missed some clean up but it doesn't take away from the beauty of this polish.  Yep, this one is a keeper! 

Different Dimensions Rainbows and Butterflies

Today I have a beautiful glitter from Different Dimension called Rainbows and Butterflies.  I cannot say enough about this polish.  Its sooo gorgeous on nails and the butterfly glitters are an added bonus.  This polish looks solid after two to three coats and you'll be staring at your nails a lot.  Don't stare and drive!  Different Dimension polishes are not disappointing and its one of my favorite indies right now.

And here it is on top of SH Salon Manicure Parrot.  Ah-mazing!

Jade Holographic Gradient Nails

I cant get enough of my Jades so I made a gradient with Black Magic, Violet Fascination, and Psychedelic.   Pretty sexy, I have to say!

October BCA Week 2, Mani Number 2!

Still on the decal kick I made breast cancer ribbon decals with the rest of the nails covered in Claire's hot pink candy shop-esque polish.  My accent nail is Color Club's Blushing Rose.

Holoween Dry Marble Manicure

Its a little late but here was my messy but fun Holoween Dry Marble mani.   These were actually decals I made on plastic and plucked up to put on my nails.  It was late at night so my cuticle clean up was dismal but there ya go.