Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nabi Ocean Blue Holo

A while back a polish friend posted a link to an eBay store that was selling sets of Nabi holos and they were selling for cheap CHEAP with little or no shipping!  I bought 12 of them and I think I got a great deal.

Today I am showing you Ocean Blue.

Something that stood out to me about the Nabi holos were their attempt to appear identical to Layla's collection of hologram effect polishes.  Laylas they aren't buuuut...I am suitably smitten with them anyway!

Ocean Blue is a teal-ly Caribbean blue that pops and shimmers.   The effect to me is more scattered but not unattractive.   Also, in my experience, Nabi polishes tend to stink but the smell from these is doable:)  On to the swatches....

First, I have to say that this is one of the best looking swatches I have done in a while and the polish is pretty awesome too.  I am a sucker for teal polish so throw some holo in there and I gotta have it.   There were many other holos to choose from and I chose the one that stuck out the most to show you first! Save some monies and get some of these holos.  Search ebay for the seller and I hope you like them!