I am 32, married with no kids, and living in Denver, Colorado.  We do have two spoiled pets, a dog and a cat!

I have always loved polish but only recently started playing with nail art!  I am NOT a nail professional and I do not make any money off of my nail art or this blog. 

A lot of my inspiration comes from fashion and graphic prints, as well as other nail art bloggers and video bloggers.  I do attempt to give credit when I've been inspired by another person's designs or link back to a website or blog where I found the inspiration.

I have a Bachelor's of Arts in English and while I have taught middle school Science, I currently work in a library as a paraprofessional.  I just got accepted (12/13/11) to Texas Women's University's online Master's of Library and Information Science degree program so starting in Jan 2012 I will be very busy but nail art and painting my nails help me to de-stress so I plan to actively blog while I'm in grad school.  I am looking forward to getting my MLS and becoming a librarian.

Last, and most importantly, I always want to see how you've recreated the nail art I post on this blog because I know that good ideas turn into great ideas by allowing others to take those ideas and expand them!  Please post links in comments sections to any nail art you've recreated from my ideas so that I, too, can be inspired by you.  Very often, I take inspiration from others and try to share my recreations with them.   I am also open to letting others use my photos but please ask permission, first!  If you have any questions as a nail art novice and/or blogger novice, don't hesitate to ask.  If I don't know the answer, I'll put you in touch with someone who does!

Frequently Asked Questions

About me:

How old are you?

Where do you work?
I work at a medical school library.  I also recently was accepted to grad school and classes for that should start in January of 2012.  I will be a full-time grad student for the next two years on top of working full-time!

What does your husband think about your nail art hobby?
He thinks I'm insane and that nobody reads my blog.  He couldn't be more uninterested and "eye rolling" happens a lot when people ask me about my nails.

Do you have an artistic background?
Not in the formal sense.  I've always been artistic and creative but Ive never taken an art class.

Do you have kids?
Not at the moment but one can hope!  I do have ten nephews under the age of 9 so I get by.

What's up with the dog?
The dog is my "kid".   She is almost seven years old, a shelter puppy who turned out to be the smartest dog I've ever owned.  She barely tolerates getting her paws painted so it doesn't happen often enough.

Who is your favorite celebrity/book/color/etc?  What's your sign?
Oh, you must be bored! 

Celebrity: Colin Firth
Movie: Love, Actually
Book:  The Secret Garden
Song: Grenade CPR Remix
Color: Purple & Silver
Restaurant:  Sweet Tomatoes
Accessory:  Silver hoops
Makeup Must Have:  Tinted moisturizer
Sign: Capricorn

Why don't you show more pictures of your face/body/home/life/opinions?
Because this blog is about nail art and I wanted to keep it strictly about that.  I will not be discussing my politics, religion, or social issues UNLESS they show up in my nail art. 

About my nails, nail art, and blog:

How often do you paint your nails?
Varies but often every other day.  If I get chips, I do another design.

Why are your nails so short?
I keep them relatively short because I pull dusty, old books and journals from the shelves daily as well as having to type a fair amount each day.  I also am a bit of a nail biter but blogging about nails and my nail art has helped to curb that somewhat.  Still working on it!

Why don't you get fake nails?
I had them several years ago and never liked how they damaged my nails once they were taken off.  I also have a weird, middle finger on my right hand.  The padding of that finger was sliced off in a bizarre stroller incident when I was a toddler.  It never grew right and looks very strange with a fake nail.

Why don't you post a pic of your "weird, middle finger"?
*smh* There are a few pics of my right hand on my blog.  That's all I am gonna say!

Why don't you show your toes?
I am not a fan of up close pics of my toes no matter how cute they are painted plus I dislike the contortions I have to subject my body to when painting my toes so I paint them about once every two weeks.

Do you go and get manis/pedis?
In general, no.   The cost of those add up and I do ok at taking care of my fingers and toes at home.  Manis and pedis at a salon or spa are a rare treat.

What kind of training have you had?
No training whatsoever on nails.  I just do what I like.  I have never professed to be able to do acrylic nails, complicated nail art, etc.  I am still learning and the web is an awesome teacher.

How long does it take you to do your nail art?
Again, it varies.  If its stamping about 30 mins, but more complicated/free handed nail art can take upwards of an hour and that's if I don't have to restart the process due to an unfixable mistake!

Where do you buy polish/ image plates/ supplies?
Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Salons, Amazon, Etsy, King Sooper, BundleMonster, independent websites, Sally's, discount beauty supply stores, and lately, flea markets

How do you organize your polish/supplies/station?
Since I've accumulated a ton of polish and supplies over the last several months, I've only recently felt the need for organization.  I just bought a 90 ct wall mount polish rack and I am on the lookout for a free file cabinet and a used nail tech table.  Right now its a bit of a mess but I promise to do a post on the new and improved nail area once I get my rack mounted and find some drawers to use while I hunt for short file cabinets on craigslist.

How many polishes do you own?
Over 120 150 300 700 right now but that keeps growing.  I win stuff, get polish for gifts, buy that number keeps exploding.

Why don't you feature nail stickers/wraps/etc?
The short answer is I don't like them.  I haven't found ones that work well with short nails and I change my nails too often to bother with them.  Not to mention they are expensive!

Will you review my product?
I will review most nail art items sent to me.  Contact me at

Why do you feature so many polishes from Sinful Colors?
Because they are cheap, can be very pigmented, come in some awesome colors, and did I mention they are cheap?  Walgreens sometimes sells Sinful Colors polish for 99 cents.   I use Snow Me White the most because I use white as base color to show designs or techniques using sheer or light colors. 

Why don't you feature your friends' and family's nails on your blog?
Nail art is a new obsession and I work an alternative schedule that doesn't leave me with a lot of free time to go and paint my friends' nails.  Since all of my family lives back in Texas, I am just happy to see them when I can.  If and when I do paint friends' or family's nails, I will try to post the results provided I can get their permission!

Why do you waste polish by practicing on paper?
A lot of my designs are complicated and I detest having to start over so I practice the design on paper first to test colors and techniques.  It doesn't always save me from starting over but generally does. 

What is your favorite polish right now?
Flakes are in!  I love flake top coats and Finger Paints Special Effects are my current favs but Zoya's Flake Effects are soon available so who knows!  I am loving holos and multi-chromes atm!

Why don't you have ads or donate buttons?
I dislike ads when I go onto sites.  They are distracting and rarely pertain to the site's content.  I will post links to things I have purchased and like and I will also discuss my opinions of items I bought or were sent to me to review.  My opinions on products are honest and unbiased summaries of my experiences with the product.    Please read my "Disclosure" page for more info.



  • Putting on a top coat not only protects your glitter or nail art but I find that it takes away some of the roughness that glitter polish can produce on your nails.  You don't want to walk around feeling like you have sand paper on your nails, right?!  Use a top coat and smooth out those tips! 
  • I truly believe that base and top coats make a manicure last way longer than naked nails and polish.  Using a base and top coat has made me LOVE nail art.
  • Find a great base/top coat combo to get the best bang for your buck
  • Quick drying polish is not always great for a base color in nail art but I use it all the time in small doses for letters, numbers, layering, and dotting.
  • To to get the pop of color that sheer polishes show in the bottle always start out with a white base color first.  It saves you coats of polish and time!
  • To draw color detail on dark polishes such as black or midnight blue, do the detailing in white polish first and then add the color.
  • Water marbling may give awesome results but to me its just plain messy and a waste of polish.  I prefer waterless marbling.  Youtube search "waterless marbling" and you'll see what I mean!
  • Don't have rhinestones?  Substitute glitter or metallic polish, or vice versa!
  • Be extra careful on your dominant hand...we work too hard on our nails to have one hand look like a toddler fingerpainted your polish on!
  • Go easy on the glitter polish and sponge on what you can to avoid the tackiness and drying time that the clear polish can create when trying to get a huge glitter effect.
  • If you do use a ton of glitter, take the time to cut up 10 foil strips to use over and over again in the Glitter Polish Removal Foil method.  Youtube search "glitter polish removal" to see what I mean.
  • When in doubt or lacking time, go with the easier route or take that shortcut.  
  • Always check before you purchase nail polish, supplies, etc.  I have found so many great deals and being a Prime member, I get free two-day shipping most of the time.
  • Youtube and Internet searches are your friends...go forth and seek inspiration.  My favorite youtube nail artists are Robin Moses, Miss80Million, and CutePolish.  Tumblr nail art blogs are crazy cool and very now!


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