Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review of Polish Addict Spring Polishes

Laura over at Polish Addict recently sent me two of her Spring polishes to review and it was some of the first nail mail I've received at my temporary resident, my grandfather's home. 

First up, is a neon dream of a polish.  Spring Prom Queen is full of matte neon red and fuchsia hexes and squares, matte hot pink hearts, and several different sizes and shapes of white glitter in a subtle light pink base.

I think that Spring Prom Queen is awesome!  The formula is smooth, easy to apply, and takes two to three coats to reach full coverage.  I love all the different shapes and the white and neon matte theme going on.   Spring Prom Queen proclaims that Spring is indeed here with a fresh and bright signature that I find nicely different than some of the neon glitter bombs we are seeing in indies. 

Next I have Spring Equinox which is a shimmery rose colored base filled with silver and light pink hexes of various sizes and tiny green glitters.   Spring Equinox is the first day of Spring aka March 20th which recently passed and this polish lives up to that hopeful day capturing the colors of a rose garden.     

I love the extra large hexes, the mixtures of these glitter colors, and the shimmering base in Spring Equinox.   Like Spring Prom Queen this polish goes on smoothly and completely covers in two coats.

To get your own Polish Addict Spring polishes, go to Polish Addict's shop on Bigcartel!  The shop reopens Friday, March 29th with new polishes and some great polish deals. Run, Go, you know you want to:)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chirality Mystery? Polish

 Helloooo, ya'll.  I have adjusted to my new work schedule and my temporary digs at my grandfather's house in central Texas.  Its been a long process and I am still not finished but I am making progress on getting the husband, cat, and furniture back to Texas.

Some of you may recall my epic and I do mean EPIC post with all of the Chirality holographic polishes available back in January.  If not or you need a refresher, here's the link to that post.

Recently, I was VERY impressed with and jealous of a mystery polish that another blogger (Superficially Colorful) bought from Chirality and seconds later I had paid a very well spent and shockingly cheap $4.50 for THIS. AMAZING. POLISH!!!!

Chirality has several holos in this family of shades such as Cu2, Kale, and Katydid.  Since is unnamed and unlike any other Chirality holo shade, I am calling it Spearmint.

Put your tongue back in yo' mouth and I. KNOW!  What an awesome mystery polish!  This polish is slightly teal, slightly green and all beautiful holo goodness.  In the pics, I used an Orly base coat and two  thin coats of Spearmint, no topcoat.  My faith in mystery polishes and grab bags just might have been restored:)

You can find Chirality mystery polishes for sale here and the Chirality shop for other polish goodies including the rest of the holos I posted about AND then some new ones here.  Don't worry about me, I already bought the new ones so you can expect a post about them eventually. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pinked Polish's Luck of the Irish St Patty's Day Giveaway

Dear Followers:

I am a bad blogger.  I have been meaning to have  a giveaway because I've  had so many milestones lately.  I stalled because I wanted to get a couple of really good prizes but the opportunity to donate to Pinked Polish's giveaway came up so I want you all to go and enter! I was able to get several awesome Nerd Lacquer polishes in her first recent restock so I chose to donate Nerd Lacquer Event Horizon.  In addition to my donation there are many awesome polish prizes and a Fox Claws polish rack.  You can enter here.  Go show some nail love to all the bloggers and sellers participating and of course, GOOOOOD LUUUUCK!

I promise that as soon we finish the St.  Pat's  giveaway I will be having a giveaway just for you:)   Hint:  new and popular Ninja Polish product will be one of the prizes.   Yep, more than one:)

I may not be blogging much in the next week because I am moving back to Texas.   What an ordeal to move 1100+ bottles of nail polish and all of my nail stuff in a Kia Spectra!   Ill have to show you the madness moving strategy soon.   Find me on FB if you want to see if I and my polishes made it down safe:)  See you soon!