Friday, April 26, 2013

Finger Paints Wild About Spring collection with RINGS and an Update

Between grad school semester end, moving back to Texas, living in a relative's spare bedroom while we wait for our house to be vacated by the current renters near the end of May, and spending a lot of time in my car driving to my current job from said relative's home, blogging about all my awesome polish buys and nail art is certainly harder to accomplish.  My nails have been (GASP) naked for more than a week each time and pictures in my relative's home aren't as good because there is a distinct lack of light.

I want you to know that I am absolutely still here, still buying nail polishes, still spending my free time living it up in the polish world (don't tell anyone I seriously said that), and still maintaining my blog and tweaking things.

Meanwhile, I do occasionally get an ok photo of what I've aquired.

The following polish pic shows this year's Finger Paints Wild About Spring collection which came with these very collectible and hard-to-find animal rings.  I had to have them all and so now, I do but the owl was especially elusive.  Thankfully, my librarianish/detective-like skills hunted it down to complete my collection.

Aren't they cute?  From left to right we have I Spy-der, Fishin' for Fun, Owlin at the Moon, Hoppy Go Lucky, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Are you Hoppy?

You might find it difficult to get all six but last week there were some still left at some of my local Sally Beauty Supply stores.  

So, what ring and (or) polish is your favorite?  I have to say that my top rings are the frog and the owl rings and I love, Love, LOVE the purple shimmer and shatter glitter polishes.  You could've predicted that, though!  I will update this post with swatches as I get them done.  

Thank you so much for looking and good luck finding these fun polishes and rings!