Friday, September 13, 2013

Oh My Word!! ILNP Ultrachromes Waterfall Manicure

Hello again, world...

No, I am not back in the swing of blogging with a full time job, my last semester of grad school, and a temporary internship.  However, I have been busy making polishes (see my Polish Lab tab) and buying polish.  My stash has grown exponentially!

When I saw swatches of the I Love Nail Polish Ultrachromes, I knew they had to be mine so when the pre-order went down in epic fashion last month, I bought all four.

 First you have Birefringence (the one I am holding in the pic),which shifts from blues, purples, reds, oranges, yellows, and a hint of green.

Next you have My Little Glacier, which shifts from blue to silver, purple, red, and orangy-yellow.

Then, there is Cyngus Loop which shifts from purple to orange, red, yellow and a bit of green.

Last, top right corner of the pic, there is Mutagen, which shifts from green to red to blue, and purple and even some orange

Now seeing them in all their chrom-y glory, I also knew that I had to figure out a mani to showcase all the amazing colors and shifting.

I have been wanting to do a waterfall manicure and it incorporates a lot of contrasting colors so I thought it would work. Did. It. Ever!


 Yes, I know...I will be staring at these nails for days.  I think if I had to pick one manicure to take with me on a desert island, this would be the one.  After all, it goes with EVERYTHING because it shifts to EVERY COLOR!  Its the Aurora Borealis for your nails.   I stand by that!

Sorry if you don't get my nerding out over this polish but if you do, please find someway to get these!

You may be able to order them now or at some point soon via the ILNP website.   Do sign up for the newsletter which will help you find out when the restocks are.

Hope you try this with your ILNP Ultrachromes.  Share them with me, ya'll!