Monday, July 22, 2013

Update: Crisis Conquered

When I last blogged, I had about one month until I had to move all of my family's belongings back from Denver.  In addition, a temporary job was about to end.   Let's just say when we moved back into our home, it was not left in a livable condition by our renters and being unemployed was not the best situation to accompany all of the expense.   I won't go into details but the repairs alone to return our home to its original tiptop condition was a very long, stressful, EXPENSIVE process.   Additionally, more life happened as we lost my husband's grandmother and had an emergency with my grandfather.  I hope you can understand that sometimes nail polish, as much as I love it, can take the back seat to a bus crammed full of other priorities.  

Flash forward three months ahead and I am on the flip side.   Our house is looking good and I was offered a full-time position last Friday.

On top of that EPIC news, I have been frankening lots and buying more polish.   I have 100s of polishes to add to my stash and I am working on a couple of giveaways and a much needed blog sale. 

Up in a couple of days is a polish rack review you don't want to miss.   Customizable.  Adaptable.  And Huge.   Polish storage room for days.   Salivating?  You should be.

Latest Frankens:
Fire Sari-matted

Planet Remnants-my first handmade duo chrome

The Menagerie

Holo Harbinger

Watermelon Salsa

Water Sari

Poppy Fields

Poppy Fields-swatch



Industrial Kaleidoscope
My first handmade holo!

Dew Lily

Pirkl's Polish

Allegiance to the Holo

Treasures Untold

Flower Trip

Cootie Cure

Leeza Franken's Galaxy

Luck Dragon

Sunrise for Breakfast


  1. My favorites are Treasures Untold, Luck Dragon, and I am SO going to have to order a custom of Radium Action without the stars. AND, if you feel that strongly about the stars, as the artist, then I will tell you that I will HAVE to wear it, stars and all, and that is a HUGE deal for me because I own no other polish with stars - but I absolutely adore that color (remember me dragging you to Illamasqua looking for Smash?! Thats the color right there, LOL) and all those bright colors to go with it!?! MUST HAVE FOR ME! Love your frankens, open a damn store already, I want to give you all my money!!!

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