Friday, November 1, 2013

Rare Nail Art: Zombie French Tips

One of my top bucket lists items is to be a zombie extra in a tv show or movie so the only way I tide myself over until that happens is to occasionally zombify myself for Halloween.   This year, Halloween proper was a bust because I had to work at my internship however, a conference I was attending a couple of days before had a Halloween party.  I bought a Zombie prom queen getup and changed the sash to be "Miz Livin Ded 2013" in bloody finger painting complete with a blood, gore, a fancy ball gown, and a black metal tiara.

Well you can't do zombie without zombie nails so check out my zombie french tips!

I was thinking of a beauty queen clawing her way to the top so the nails are broken way down into the quick but you can still see that she once had a pageant ready mani.  These hurt me just looking at them but they were fun to do.  I just cut down false nails with small scissors and nail clippers and then glued them onto my clean, unpainted nails.  Then i added all the colors.  I think nails like these are ok to be messy so the effect is more grotesque! 

Anyway, grad school still marches on but I am graduating in December!  Oh, all the free time I'll have!  Can't wait to get back to frankening and polishing!

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