Thursday, January 23, 2014

Funky Fingers Finds at Five Below in Maryland

 I am currently visiting family and attending a conference on the east coast and even though Five Below stores are finally open in my area, they haven't really changed up the kinds of polishes they carry at my stores.   I walked into a Five Below today and picked up these three pretties.

First up is Heart Attack which looks so indie, right?  This polish is full of white, pink, hot pink and red glitters of various sizes and shapes, even hearts and giant hexes suspended in a clear base.  Certainly very Valentine's Day.  

 Here is Heart Attack over Midge, which I'll share later.

Next is another glitter topcoat called Lady Charlotte.  Since my first name is Charlotte I had to get it.  Lady Charlotte has metallic pastel pink, pastel purple, and micro taupe glitter.

Again, I put Lady Charlotte over Midge to show off a swatch.

Last, I have been looking for Midge and finally found a store with it.   Midge reminds me a lot of Zoya's scattered holo Blaze that is a bit more fuchsia than red in color.  This polish sparkles like crazy and the only thing better than a holo polish is a holo polish that doesn't break the bank.   At $1.67 plus tax (3 polishes for $5) you can afford this polish and a couple more without any purchase guilt.  I'm kidding, of course, nobody gets purchase guilt with nail polish ;)

I snapped this dud of a photo and the realized the out of focus aspect really showed off the holo effect.

Overall, I think these polishes turned out pretty good on quality and value l and I hope that Five Below/ Funky Fingers continues to come out with interesting glitter topcoats and holographic polishes.   Someone please tell them that neon polish is over? 


  1. I'll have to pick up Heart Attack on my next trip. I have Midge & love it. I like Midge better than's so pretty!!!

  2. Great nails! I love glitter so these were a pleasure to look at :)!

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, your questions can be found
    here along with the
    rules :) - drop me a comment once completed, I'd love to have a read :) xx

  3. lovely blog..I am happy I found it.
    Take care :)