Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Merritt's Toes and Funky Fingers Anna, inspired by Frozen

I did get around to painting my new baby's toes.  I used Sinful Colors Soul Mate and a rapid dry top coat right before we went to a family event.  I painted them while she was awake and I wouldn't recommend it because there was a LOT of clean up to get them looking like this.

Next, a polish friend mentioned that there were three Funky Fingers nail polishes based off of Frozen characters so I headed over to Five Below today and bought about 10 Funky Fingers polishes including Anna.

Anna is a glitter topper in a clear base with white snowflake glitters, white hex glitters of a few sizes, white micro glitter, metallic purple hex glitters, metallic fuchsia hex glitters, and matte grey hex glitters.

I decided that my undercoat polish would be essence colour and go breakthrough a fuchsia with purple leanings.

Here is my manicure with Anna and breakthrough in full sun:

and here is my manicure with Anna and breakthrough in shade:

What do you think?

There are two other Frozen inspired polishes I'll be posting up soon so check back in a few.

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