Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Welcome, new followers!

I DO notice my new followers and I want to welcome the newest ones since my last giveaway.

Nails Actually has been doing so great and I love seeing new faces.

I do have a couple of announcements/milestones!

Nails Actually now has its own domain:  nailsactually.com and using this address will redirect you to my blogspot blog!

Also, Nails Actually just hit 20,000 views and I am soooo thrilled!    

Just as a preview to you current followers...

When I hit 200 followers I will be giving away the following indies:

1 bottle of Nailventurous' Floam
1 bottle of Sparkles by Julie's Water Lily

Share this site, the FB page, or my twitter name with your nail friends and get them to follow so you can be entered to win these very beautiful and coveted indie polishes!

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