Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2 Chix, Pumpkin, and Chameleon Polishes

I ordered The Teal Thing from 2Chix and in addition she sent replacements for both Kur-Age and Sully as well as a bonus mini of Sweet Cheeks.  I can't wait to try all of these!

I have been on the lookout for some pumpkin polishes and finally found them at Rite Aid.  Thankfully the displays were not at all picked over so I had my pick!

In the same trip to Rite Aid I also ran into these polishes.  They were $2.99 and very pretty in the bottles so I bought eight of them!  This is probably the one and only time I will EVER swatch this many polishes in one sitting.  Sheesh! Props to all my fellow nail bloggers that do that day in and day out:)  I think I'll stick to my nail art and the occasional swatch.   At any rate, I've read some mixed reviews about Chameleon polishes and so I reserved judgement until I swatched them.  Duochromes never really look as good to me on my nails as they do in the bottle.  These polishes seemed to do ok, just beware of how fast the polish dries and do at least two coats.  For $2.99, I think these are a great deal!

Hope you enjoyed my new polishes and first major swatchfest for a while!

(now, where to put all these...)

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