Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm baaaack and Revlon Girly Swatch

So, I warned you that grad school was going to drastically alter my posting but I never planned on taking a month and a half hiatus.  I finished the semester with a hard fought 4.0 and maintained my overall gpa of a 4.0 so its all good! 

At any rate, I did NOT take a hiatus from buying polish and I have soo many polishes to share with you.   I actually hit over 900 polishes recently and most of those are unblogged!  Check out my ever-expanding stash list under my Polish Stash tab above. 

So, one of my newest polishes is Revlon's Girly.  Its glitterbomb in a pink base with light pink, fuchsia, and purple hex glitters and pink micro glitter.   There is no fishing for glitter with Girly BUT you may want to consider layering over another color.  My swatch below has 3 coats and it gets a little thick and unwieldy when it requires that many layers.   Still, its worth the drying time if you have it because Girly is a must have:)

Also, as you may notice, my nails are super short.  I am debating what to do about them but none of my options are great.  I may get falsies, give my nails a long break, or work really hard with some treatments and TLC to get them back in shape.  Something must be done...

Anyway, I don't know how often I will be back but I will try to post at least once a week with swatches or nail art and more often with polish purchases.



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    1. Could you remove the captcha on your comments please? That will make it easier for people to comment on your blog posts.

    2. Thanks for alerting me. Those things annoy me too:) Removed!