Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chirality Holos

Last night I sat down and had a massive swatchfest of Chirality's gorgeous holographic polishes.

Below I have Bloodshot, Just Before Dawn, Katydid, Kale, Cu2+, Apollonia, and The Symbiote.  Chirality polish are 3-free and are available in size 15ml and 7ml bottles with stainless steel mixing balls.

Bloodshot is a juicy red with subtle holo.  Frankly, I blame my photog skills on this pic because it doesn't do this polish justice.  Its very depth-y and striking on the nail and you don't see red holos like this every day.

Next I have Just Before Dawn.   I asked around my some of my nail polish FB groups during Halloween for a very orange holo and was pointed to Chirality.   This polish is bright, holo-ful, and you won't be able to stop looking at your nails.  Orange typically isn't my color due to my complexion but I think this orange would look good on anyone.

Up next is Katydid, a vivid green holo that has a million sparkles.  I generally avoid this shade of green but like Just Before Dawn, Katydid would look great on anyone.  And I kinda love it.

I waited to buy Kale last, but not before I was inundated with pics of wonderment from nail polish friends that bought this polish.  It is super green with an incredible holo finish.  Kale is a must have.  I don't think you will find a holo of this color anywhere else and one really should have a holo polish in every shade!

Another polish that kept plaguing me with gorgeous swatch pics was Cu2+.  This is MY. FAVORITE.  Hands down.  Its all teal-ly and has amazing holo craziness going on.  If you can only get one Chirality holo, I highly recommend this one.   It needs to be on your shelf.

I am always a sucker for purple so Apollonia was one of my first Chirality purchases.   It does not disappoint.  Its a lovely deep holo purple and the rainbows shooting off your nails will mesmerize you periodically.   Purple holos are something I've made it my duty to collect and this one should be in your purple holo collection.

Last, The Symbiote is a black holo polish that rivals Cu2+ and Apollonia for holo sparkle.  I own a couple of other black holos but The Symbiote's holo is so gorgeous and understated that I am much more likely to use for everyday wear than my other black holos.

Coverage: All of the Chirality holo polishes provide complete coverage with two, thin coats.

Price:  Very reasonable

Viscosity: Not too thick or watery, perfect application

Quality and Consistency:  For the coverage and price alone these polishes should be purchased but in addition, they are each resplendent and extraordinary on their own.

Verdict:  Run over to Chirality's shop and buy some!


  1. These are all so gorgeous, but I REALLY love Katydid!

  2. Wow!! These are ALL amazingly gorgeous. =)