Friday, March 16, 2012

Green Snake Nails

I recieved some great nail mail yesterday from Cheeky Beauty via Amazon.  I bought one of the Jumbo nails plates and 26 image plates.  My image plate collection is really starting to grow!  I have Konad, Cheeky, Bundle Monster, Red Angel, and an unnamed brand of plates.

The jumbo plate is full of snake skins and other interesting prints so I broke out the stamping equipment for some Saint Patrick's Day Green Snake nails.

First I had to test color combos!

I started with two coats of Innocent and then stamped on the image from Cheeky Jumbo Plate D using Julep's Leah.  I then painted an oval shape on my pinky nail with Snow Me White.  Once dry I filled in the oval with Let's Meet.  I then drew in the snake pupil with black polish and added shadow around the eye with Recycle.

These slithery, scaley nails are perfect for St. Pat's day without being rainbow, pot o' gold, and shamrocked!


  1. nice!! I just ordered a whole collection of the jumbo plates and I'm waiting by my mailbox to get them!! *sigh* it's coming by slow boat from china :-S

  2. Melissa, I have all the rest in my amazon wish list. The next one I want has all the geometrical designs.