Friday, March 23, 2012

Couldn't Resist: Hunger Games Flame Nails

A friend and I are heading to see the Hunger Games tomorrow night so my nails MUST match the theme of the night!   I've been seeing all kinds of flame nails but I wanted to try the waterless marbling technique to make the flames.

So for these nails I prepped my nails with Pro FX Complete 3 base coat.  I then painted the outline of my nail except for the edge in a thick coat of Secret Admirer, followed by a thick arch of Ruby Slippers, and followed by a thick half moon and free edge painted with Metallic Yellow.  I can't stress how fast you need to do the thick layers to make these nails work.  Next, I used a tooth pic to drag the yellow and red polish into flame shapes, wiping off the end of toothpick between each pass.  Once the nails dried a bit, I used Cha-ching to accent the red p

art of the flames and filled the middle of the gold part of the flame with Hue to simulate the light almost white inner part of a real flame.   These nails are really worth the work and drying time so be sure to cover them with topcoat!  My other set of nails will be painted with one coat of Secret Admirer and sport the words "May the-Odds Be- Ever in-Your Favor!" and "12"on my thumb!

Happy movie watching this weekend, lovelies!

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