Thursday, March 15, 2012

Week 11 of the Year of Polish Challenge: Saint Patrick's Day Nails Two Ways

I love the trend of a different design on every nail and used all of my nail canvas for this week's Saint Patrick's Day Challenge.  The first set of nails below is generally free-handed with french tip designs on the thumb and pinkie nails.  The rainbow design is accomplished using a watercolor technique.  I also used some glitter nail art balls for the "gold."

 On these nails, almost everything is free-handed except for the background of the middle finger which was stamped from a design on Bundle Monster plate 214.  The rainbow effect was made with quick dabs of polish.  I painted my ring finger nail with Metallic Yellow and while still wet I dipped the nail into the gold steel nail art balls. 

I really like the 3d effect that using the steel nail art balls make as gold coins in the pot of gold and as my accent nail on the other set of nails.  I am very happy with my early and cute Saint Pat's Day nails!

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