Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jade Holographic Patchwork Manicure

This is Jade Holografico season.  Sorry if I've given you holo envy or holo fatigue but the holo manicures will just keep coming!  I recently got in some ultra cheap nail tape from amazon (via some Hong Kong company) and really wanted to do a tape manicure with them.  I looked online and I thought the patchwork mani would work best to showcase several Jade holos as well as work for my shorty short nails. 

I cannot say enough about Jade holos.  Look how crazy beautiful the Jades made this manicure.   On top of that, this manicure was incredibly easy and took about half an hour.  Seriously!  Get you some Jades and/or show me your holo manicures!

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