Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Brazilian Polishes arrived!!!

Several months ago I started chatting with a Brazilian girl in a Facebook polish swap group.  Maryna was wonderful and was able to get some of my most wanted polish lemmings.  Even with international shipping these polishes cost less than what I'd pay in the US, by far!

My first choices were these five colors of the Jade Holograficos:  Deja Vu, Violet Fascination, Black Magic, Psychedelic, and Hynose.

Next, I have been wanting a deep purple holographic polish so my friend picked up Hits Dionisio as well as some others I saw and liked, Fina Flor Transformer and Top Beauty Ultimate 3D Expression of Night.

Last, I found out that Maryna makes her own polishes!  Yes, folks, a Brazilian indie maker.  I demanded pictures and I asked for these beauties.   Can't wait to get these pretties on my fingers!

Without further stalling, here is Jade Black Magic.  I am officially addicted to these Jades!

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