Monday, August 20, 2012

A Belated week 32 of the Year of Polish Challenge: Neon Watermarble Manicure

Watermarbling and I have not seen eye to eye in recent past and I finally figured out why.

Everyone (the watermarbling experts) kept saying that the water needed to be room temperature.  What I failed to realize is that, with my husband's penchant for sub zero a/c settings, not even room temperature water was in fact room temperature in our home.  I lowered the a/c and for the first time I was able to swirl the polish and apply the design to my nails before the polish dried to a messy skin on top of my water:)  I think it helped using some very good quality polishes from my newest stash of China Glaze.  

For these, I painted my nails with one coat of Sinful Colors Snow Me White.  Next, I taped up all of my nails in preparation for messy watermarbling.  I dropped dots of China Glaze Purple Panic, Turned Up Turquoise, and Sun Worshiper and used a tooth pick to pull the layers into a petal design.  I then dunked my nail carefully into the design and used a toothpick to pick up all of the excess polish off the surface of the water before I pulled my nail out.  The tape prevented a lot of cleanup but I still had to do a bit of touching up around my cuticles and nail edges.  I then applied dots of Snow Me White to each arc of color and topped those white dots with discs of holographic glitter from China Glaze Techno. 

All in all, very satisfied with my watermarbling experience AND with the resulting mani.  This won't be the last watermarbled mani you see on Nails Actually!


  1. These are soooooo good!! Very Hippies! But such an accurate Water Marble!! After your success maybe I will have to give them another attempt :)

  2. They turned out amazing. It took me awhile to figure out the air conditioning problem as well. Now that we moved and don't have AC I suppose I should try again ;oP

  3. This is awesome!! I have had the same problems with the A/C making my water too cold. It's a process and I'm glad to see you finally have worked through it because this is FAB!

  4. awesome marble, and I love the added dots :D