Sunday, August 19, 2012

Latest Polishes, Solvent Resistant Glitter, and a Swatch!

Between a late night shopping spree at Sally's and some nail mail, this past week has been good for the polish business and  not too terrible on my wallet!

Sally's had their China Glaze Crackles on sale for $1.50 so I grabbed one of each color I could find!  Crackle polishes were never a bandwagon I jumped on (much like kaviar nails and magnetic polishes) but I did have a recent Year of Polish Challenge week that I thought I had to skip because I didn't own any crackles.   Went back and did that week and it was passable ;0)

e.l.f.  had a sale on select polishes so I grabbed these three from their website:)

Sally's also had Finger Paints Fall 2012 Collection out so I grabbed the plum and the bar glitter ones... I am a sucker for purple and blue polishes so I had to try on Plum Startled right away!

Androgynie and Fowl Play were finally restocked again at Sally's so I snapped them up too!

Ruby Kisses HD Glitters are very pretty.   I am relatively sure that they aren't 3 free but they are a good start for those of you with small budgets:)  If you know me, you know that I enjoy discount polishes just as much as my indies and my boutique polishes:)

AbsolutLacquer had a mystery, custom polish offer on Etsy so I told her my likes and she sent me this beauty and its named after me!  Teal with holographic hearts!  I can't wait to wear it!

I ordered a solvent glitter sampler from the Glitter Source on Etsy.  These were about $12.  Now I have to order suspension base AND bottles.  lol...I suppose I should take a break from buying polishes and focus on polish making supplies but I am thinking I can do both ;0)

I scored Daul for $0.01 on Copious.  I know, I am a lucky lucky girl...its soooo eye catching!

Anyway, even as I write this I have another blog post full of more polishes to show you.   I am glad I don't make myself swatch each one or I'd have to quit my day job to do so!

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