Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunflower Nails -- A Tutorial

The husband and I went to Estes Park for a few days and I wanted some cute nails.  Sunflowers have been on my radar and after a Google images search I got some great inspiration.  I also had the time and patience to take tutorial pics so you can recreate the look if you like it!

I first started with Orly Bonder and then applied two coats of Sinful Colors Sweet Dreams.

I then used Sinful Colors Nirvana to paint on large brown ovals on to each nail in a random pattern.  Using Insta Dri Bronze Ablaze I accented the middle of each circle.

I then used Sinful Colors Snow Me White to draw in the base shape of the petals and leaves.

I then painted the petals with Sinful Colors Let's Meet and accented each petal with Sinful Colors Cloud 9.

Last, I painted the leaves with Sinful Colors Happy Ending and traced the outline of the flowers and leaves with Ebony Hates Chris.

 Hope you like!

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