Monday, August 6, 2012

Lucky Me! Nail Mail from 2 Chix, Pahlish, and Zambia Trip

Much to my husband's dismay all of these came in today.  I've been occasionally buying a bottle or two of polish here and there and while these 2 Chix polishes are expensive...aren't they awesome?

I can't wait to try them both on!  Sully has lime green matte micro glitter with large blue and purple squares.  Kur-Age has neon yellow matte micro glitter with small red, blue, green, and purple squares.

Every time I look at this polish I have to laugh....because of the name.   Pahlish's Glittoris is glorious hot pink jelly base with red, fuchsia, pink, aqua, and silver glitters of various shapes and sizes.


Last, there was a mix up way back when I ordered from Zambia Trip Nails on etsy and she came back from her trip and sent me Grape Crush, which I had originally ordered.  She also threw in two other polishes as a bonus JazzBerry Pie and Fly Me to the Moon.  

Love the look of these polishes and they will all be swatched sooner rather than later!


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