Thursday, January 3, 2013

Prepare to be overcome...I have Ninja Polish's Alexandrite to show you!!!

I was very fortunate to catch the last restock of Ninja Polish's Alexandrite.  Ninja Polish says that that one of the pigments used to make Alexandrite has become difficult to find so it may not ever be sold again :(  which is tragic because Alexandrite defies imagination.  The colors shift from emerald to teal to purple with every slight angle change.  This polish is a-freakin-mazing and I hope for the sake of polish addicts everywhere that it will continue to be made.

On to the pics!

 I wanted to showcase just the polish so I used a shimmery nude, Orly Nite Owl for my base color and I have two, thin coats of Alexandrite.

Stalk Ninja Polish's website and fill out their request form to be notified when this polish is back in stock.  When I ordered, the email had only been out for a few minutes and people were already complaining that Alexandrite was out of stock.   Good luck, ya'll.   This is a polish you must have.  Gah, I love it so much I want to sleep with it nestled next to me. 

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