Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Weekly Post: Essence and Indie Tuesdays

So I've recently went wild buying $1.99 essence colour and go polishes and I have a crap ton of indie polishes that I have yet to swatch so I devised a new weekly post to help me along with the swatching process!


Today, is my very first essence and Indie Tuesday and I have an essence polish in one of my favorite colors paired with one of my ultimate lemming polishes, recently acquired.

essence colour and go:  oh my glitter!
indie:  Candy Lacquer Sugar Skulls

First, I applied essence base coat and then two coats of essence oh my glitter!  The picture above doesn't do these polish justice.   Oh my glitter!  is a vibrant purple polish with blue and hot pink shimmers.  It is pretty by itself, dries wicked fast,  and provides the perfect canvas for Sugar Skulls.   You can find essence polishes at Ulta Beauty stores, ulta.com, eBay, and H-E-B grocery stores.

I added Candy Lacquer's Sugar Skulls to this manicure and matte glitter overload! Its packed with pink and white heart glitters, white, blue, yellow, and pink hex glitters of various sizes, and yellow daisy glitters.  This polish is a must have if you collect indies.   Its so unique.  You can buy Candy Lacquer polishes here.  

 I have twenty more essence polishes and 100 plus indies so I expect a long run with this weekly post and you get two swatches for the price of one:)  Stay tuned!

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