Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cosmic Kitchen Sink: one of my glitter mixes!

I've been wanting a gluttony of moon and star glitters in a clear base.  Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of solvent resistant metallic moon and star glitters available so this isn't what I imagined in my head BUT it turned out sooo pretty that I am probably gonna have to make it for some of my polish and non-polish friends.  Here we have Cosmic Kitchen Sink.

Below I have two coats of Essence I Love Bad Boys and two coats of Cosmic Kitchen Sink.

Next, I topped the mani off with butter London's matte topcoat.  I love how mattefying tones down the glitter so that you can really see the detail of the polish!   Probably why I mattefy everything!

 No, its not for sale...mainly because I have no ambitions to sell polish and I'm too busy to start a side business with moving and grad school and life, really ;)  But frankening and polish mixing is a lot of fun so you'll be seeing a lot more frankens and hand-mixed glitter polishes from me.

What do you think about Cosmic Kitchen Sink?  I'm diggin' it!

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  1. this is a great mix of shapes! and I love the name too hehe