Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Essence and Indie Tuesdays: essence grey-t to be here and Windestine Secret Garden

Hard to believe but today's e&I Tuesday offering is my fourth in the series.   It forcing me to get out of my comfort zone with color, to use many indies I have lying around un-swatched, and I have so much more to do.  Did you know that the essence colour & go has several new colors?  I think essence and Indie Tuesdays will continue for quite a while on Nails Actually.

The contenders today are--
essence: grey-t to be here
Indie:  Windestine Secret Garden (recently acquired from a blog sale)

grey-t to be here is a light grey polish with a subtle pink micro shimmer.  The picture below shows the shimmer effect.  This essence polish covers in one coat and dries super fast. I am not typically drawn to grey polishes but I really love the surprise shimmer in grey-t to be here.

Windestine's Secret Garden consist of white heart glitter, pastel green hex glitters in two sizes, pastel purple hex glitters, and silver micro glitter suspended in a clear base.  I thought that the light and pastel nature of this indie would mesh well with grey-t to be here and it does!  This combination has made for a very feminine and understated manicure.  

So there you have it!  Another pairing of commercial and independent polishes colliding together for the sake of fashion and art and beauty!

I don't believe that Secret Garden is still available for purchase but you should absolutely check out Windestine's esty shop to see if there is anything else you might want.  


  1. Love it Charlotte! I have the Essence and it is so pretty and I loved the application. Loving this series!

  2. Such a beautiful mani! I really like this pairing!