Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Holo Nail Art: Holo Cirlces

 Playing again with my new Color Club Halo Hues! This time I used Miss Bliss, Eternal Beauty, Beyond, and Cosmic Fate.

I started out with two  coats of Sally Hansen's InstaDri Mint Sprint.   Then I added random triple arches in black, purple, and yellow-green Halo Hues.   Last I accented open spaces with dots of Cosmic Fate. 

This manicure surprise me with how great it turned out.  As you probably know, sometimes nail art can go horribly wrong or incredibly right.   This is decidedly right!

Note to self:  use more holos in nail art!


  1. Right, indeed! This looks AMAZING!!

    Where do you buy your Color Club polishes? I'd really love to try some out, but I've only been able to find random ones at Ross.

  2. This is definitely RIGHT!! Awesome job!! love it <3

  3. I bought them at Enospring for $39 with free shipping. Looks like they've gone slightly up and you may pay more for shipping but it still cheaper than the $10 suggested retail price per polish!

  4. Those colors really flash! Really like the combos!