Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cute Easter Bunny Nails: Week 15 of the Year of Polish Challenge

I got home from the gym this morning and lamented my unpolished nails.  I had a little time before I had to take a shower and get ready for work so I sat down to paint my nails with one of my newest polishes, OPI's I Have a Herring Problem.  I love this color.  Its hard to tell because I painted over almost every nail with glitter but I Have a Herring Problem is a dark, slightly bluish grey with sparkles.  Its stunning by itself so I invite you to google its swatches from my fellow nail bloggers! 

After applying two coats of I Have a Herring Problem to base-coated nails, I applied one coat of Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Rockstar Pink glitter polish.  I then free-handed this bunny in Sally Hansen's White On on my left ring finger nail and wrote the word "Easter" on my right ring finger nail.   This bunny is actually inspired by a bunny that Robin Moses did in this youtube tutorial!  Check it out because those nails are too cute to be believed! It may be hard to tell but I gave it some blue glitter eyes from a Milan Special FX teal glitter.  I filled in the lines with Ebony Hates Chris and filled in the nose and inner ears with Sephora's Techno Pink.  I covered all nails with a top coat and generous amounts of Julep's cuticle oil to prevent smudges while it dried.    These nails are some of my favorites!


  1. I got "I have a herring problem" in a mini-bottle set and I was surprised how much I liked it. I used it in a lot of my easter/spring mani's too!

    Such a cute bunny!!

    1. I was obsessed with For Audrey for a while but I think "I Have a Herring Problem" is my new fav...