Friday, April 13, 2012

Nail Polish Tag

The Rules:
1: Answer 10 Questions
2: Pass to 5 bloggers
3: Make sure the bloggers you tag know about this.

1:  How many nail polishes do you have?
     Well over 300 bottles by is a major issue.

2:  What is your favorite brand of nail polish?
      I love indie brands like NerdLacquer and Lynnderella.  I also love Sinful Colors because its cheap, it has some crazy/beautiful colors, and its easy to find.

3:  Do you like crackle polish or do you have it?
     I only own two crackle polishes and I've used each once.  Its not very versatile or in.  

4:  What is the brand of your first nail polish?
     Probably Bonbons when I was a pre-teen.  Small, cheap, and tons of glitter options.

5:   If you're going to have a nail polish line, What would you name it?
    Great question!  Uuuummmm...probably Forensic Nails or something like that..I like the idea of naming polishes after criminal terminology, forensic science, and medical terminology.  I named my first franken, which I made last night, Dragonfly Autopsy!

6:  What nail polish does not compliment you?
    Neons, especially the oranges, yellows and lime greens do not compliment my skin tone.

7:  What nail polish compliments you?
    Vibrant, bright colors with sparkle or glitter

8:  Name 2 of your nail-art best friends?
   My friend Jaime who has given me polish and let me paint her nails.  IDK about the other person...I really need to make blogger friends ;0)

9:  What was the best nail polish gift you ever received?
    A set of Muppet collection minis from the above nail art best friend!

10:  Thank the blogger who gave you this tag:
      She thankfully didn't "give" me this tag.  Its voluntary!  Thanks, :)

Feel free to do this tag.  I'm not passing it to other bloggers so they don't feel obligated to pass it on to others.

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