Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 14 of the Year of Polish Challenge: Glitter Stripe Nails

I did these nails last week and had to schedule them in advance to post today because OMG-I-have-3-papers-due-in-April!  Sorry if April's post appear to be sparse but I'll try to get in at least one post a week:)  Such is the life of a grad student!

Anyway, this week is Stripes and there is nothing I like better that seeing stripes on my nails.  The only way you can make stripes better is to add glitter. Lo and behold...

These nails started with a clear basecoat.  I then added one coat of Secret Admirer.  Next I applied a line of Blue Bash diagonally down my nail and filled in the rest of the nail with a thick coat of more Blue Bash.  I then filled in the next section with Traffic Stopper Copper.   Last I filled in the remaining section of my nails with Magenta Magic and used a topcoat to seal all that sparkle in!

 I know I've said it before but it bears repeating...Jordana Glitters are SO awesome.  Ok, ok...the Sephora glitters are cool too.  I am an equal opportunity glitter buyer but I "might" have a tiny addiction to sparkly polishes.  Tiny?!

Love how simple these nails were yet they have major wow factor.  I will say that the only reason I used copper glitter was because I somehow have not bought some chunky orange glitter polish.  Its on my list now but the copper is just as eye-catching.   Wear nails like these when you want them to be noticed!

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