Saturday, April 28, 2012

Glitter Starburst Nails

As promised, I've done some more nails with the ultra striking but painstaking glitter placement!  These actually didn't take long at all to do and turned out so great!

Essentially, I put on one coat of Julep's Helena over base coated nails.  I then brushed on Julep's Brooke for some shimmer.  I then brushed a generous amount of Milani Glitters Teal onto a notecard and picked out the large teal glitters.  Since the Milani glitter is suspended in clear lacquer I just picked up each teal glitter with a toothpick and quickly placed it on the nail in a starburst pattern.  They have enough polish on them to stick, generally!   I do love how these turned out!  I'm thinking next about doing a mosaic design in this fashion on one nail.  What do you think?  Cool?


  1. Nice job:-) i have never tryed to place glitter like this, But it looks good, so i migth give it a try:-)

  2. Toothpicks work wonders for picking up the glitter and placing it on the nail :)