Monday, April 2, 2012

Fun with Curves Nails

I just bought Big Daddy and wanted to use its orange goodness on my nails so I came up with this design and some complimentary colors.  I think these nails came together perfectly.

I started with base coated nails that I painted with one coat of Big Daddy.  Once dry, I then painted white lines in Snow Me White to make the curves and also filled them in with Snow Me White so that the top colors would show true.  I then filled in the top curves with Unicorn and the bottom curves with Savage.   Here's where the trial and error comes in.  I then lined the curves with more Snow Me White but then my nails looked a lot like my dog's tennis ball :(  So I pulled out my old stand by Gold Coin and used it over the top of the white.  MUCH better!  I covered these nails with a protective top coat and there you go!


  1. I love those colors together! beautiful call with Gold Coin too :)

  2. Thanks, Samantha. They were so easy too...which makes them even better!