Thursday, April 5, 2012

DNA Themed Nails

As mentioned when I did the Periodic Life nails, I really did have a work-in-progress design of a  DNA set of themed nails.  I finally got around to painting these the other day.

I started with two coats of Midnight Queen on each base-coated nail and then free-handed most of the designs with Sinful Colors Snow Me White (not pictured).  You should always do a design base with white to help colors show correctly on top of dark colors.   I then went back in and added the colors.  On my thumb I have letter blocks spelling out "LIFE" as a kind of joke..."DNA, the building blocks of life"  from Jurassic Park.  My index finger nail has chromosomes painted in Happy Ending.  My middle finger sports a DNA double helix structure with those memorable base pairing of guanine and cytosine and adenine and thymine.  My ring finger has DNA profiling in several different blues.  My ring finger has my favorite element which makes up part of each nucleotide as a 5 carbon sugar called deoyxribose!

I wonder what other Science themed nails I can come up with??  I'm thinking Physics next!

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