Thursday, April 12, 2012

My First Franken!

As I announced on my Facebook page today, I asked for and got some glitter polish advice from Amanda at Nerd Lacquer a few months ago.  She gave me some tips on where to get supplies and what kind of glitter to use!  I am in the process of ordering mini bottles, glitter,  and base (if I can get my hands on it)!   I don't plan to sell polish though.  For now I just plan to make small batches for me, my friends, and my blog followers to win in giveaways.

Still, I couldn't wait to try out mixing polishes tonight after finding that Walgreens is selling Wet N Wild polishes for .69.  I bought two bottles of clear topcoat and poured 1/3 of each into empty polish bottle I had already cleaned out.  Thus my FIRST FRANKEN was born!  She's a total, gorey mess of glitter goodness that I like to call Dragonfly Autopsy.  This what I imagine the guts of dragonflies look like.  What can I say...I am morbid like that ;0)  Check it out and lemme know what you think!

The swatch base is Sinful Colors Innocent with Dragonfly Autopsy topcoat on top!


  1. I posted my Franken blog post link to Robin Moses's FB page and this is what she said..."hahaahahahaha...uh oh.........a new frankenpolish maker!!!!! IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will NEVER go back...LOL" She is too funny!

  2. This is such a cool colour!!!