Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New polishes and Blue Escape Nails

I've had a few nail mails and order come in so its time to share some polish spam!

The polish below was an Etsy purchase from Dandy Nails!  I love the asymmetrical glitter chunks in Funhouse and Wingless and Caught in a Crowd is sooo pretty.  See my nails at the end of this post and I am sure you'll agree!

I bought the three mini polishes from Sparkles by Julie's Etsy store.    These polishes are full of holo glitter.  I can't wait to get them on my fingers!

 I love Avon polishes because they come in very pretty, highly pigmented shades!  The following are my latest Avon buys!

Last, Blue Escape has been calling to me along with Caught in a Crowd so I paired them up for a simple sparkly mani.  My picture is a pitiful recreation of what these nails actually look like.  Never fear, I am on the lookout for a better camera.

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