Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seuss Nails!

I have been salivating to get my hands on Seuss from Whimsical Ideas by Pam (see Chalkboard Nails swatch of Seuss here) but its $10 a bottle and I'm on a polish buying hiatus right now, mainly due to the fact that I'm out of polish room again:(  Hopefully I can buy another polish rack soon so I can be the proud owner of more indie polishes and please my husband with my incredible financial restraint ;0/

Anyway, until I finally own Seuss I did some layering with some glitters and I think these turned out quite cute!

Moon Dust (a sparkly royal blue with hints of purple) was acquired recently at Claire's.   I think it actually made by Color Club.  I did two coats of Moon Dust over base-coated nails.  I then painted the tips with a couple of layers of Milani Red glitters.  I picked out a few large white glitters and some smaller glitters from my Pretty & Polished Hello Dolly glitter polish and used Sinful Colors Snow Me White to freehand "Seuss" with one letter on each nail.  Last, I covered the whole lovely mess with some protective top coat.

It appeases my polish hunger...for now!

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