Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rainbow Glitter Shimmer Nails

I think that these nails take the most polishes used so far prize.  I used 15 polishes of varied brands, types, and colors.

My idea was to do a design with creme colors, shimmery colors, and glitter colors all complimentary of the same shade.  I love how these turned out and plan do something similar soon with half moons or polka dots:)  Even thought these nails required a lot of polish they took very little time to do. 

I simply painted each base coated nail with a creme color, then did a diagonal swipe down each nail with their complimentary shimmery color.  Along that diagonal line I used a nail art brush to place a thin like of complimentary glitter polish.   These are bright, fun, and easy to spice up your nails!  Even just the creme and shimmer polishes along look great!  Try it out and let me see what you come up with:)

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