Monday, February 27, 2012

Dior Inspired Tile Nails

As if you haven't noticed, I love recreating prints from fashion.  I loved the print of this Dior dress and it made for some interesting nails!

On these nails, I started with a base coat of Venus and then randomly started placing free-handed rounded squares in Sunny Side Up, Coco-a-go-go, White On, and Blue Lagoon in a checkerboard format making sure that Venus peeked through the edges.  For the blue tiles, I first did a base of white to help the color show true.  I didn't stick with the even, square design because its not easy to keep all the tile uniform.  I like how these turned out and had it not been for this print I doubt I would have ever put any of these colors together on my own.  The only thing I wish to do differently is to find some off white yellowish polish to use for the white tiles.  I think it would make the pattern look closer to the one on the dress.

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