Friday, February 3, 2012

Today is Awesome! Nail Mail!!

The nail gods smiled upon me today as my Deborah Lippmann and Julep Maven orders arrived at the same time.

If you are a glitter fiend like me, you would have jumped at the chance to get two of Deborah Lippman's awesome glitters, Across the Universe and Happy Birthday for 50% off.  Deborah put these two glitters and one other on sale for one day only for a segment on GMA!  I happened to catch her tweet about it and voila! magic happened!

I can tell you that w/o the sale I would never have ponied up the $18 per bottle that the DL polishes, especially these two glittters, sell for so I feel pretty fortunate to have caught the one day sale!

Next, as always, I enjoy the delight that is my Julep Maven box.

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you--that is a nicely sized piece of chocolate in my Julep Box!  I tried some and it was sooo good!  The two polishes I received were Glenn, a sparkly red polish, and Oscar, gold glitter.  I also got some great smelling roll-on cuticle oil.  Last, Jane's tip on my Julep postcard is one EVERY glitter fiend must practice.  She says to get glitter off nails, "saturate a cotton pad with polish remover and then press the pad on the nail for a few seconds before wiping the polish off."  This is exactly what I do.  My tip to add to this is...if your regular polish remover still doesn't work well, you probably should use 100% acetone instead.  This is especially true if you do glitter layers.  Be sure to moisturize your hands prior to glitter removal because leaving remover on your skin for long can and will dry out those cuticles.   Better yet, use your new Julep Roll-on Cuticle Oil to protect cuticles from harsh removers!

Love days like this where I increase my polish stash with polishes on my wish list and polishes that I love and can't wait to use! 

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  1. Amazing nail mail!
    Cant wait for the swatches :)