Thursday, February 9, 2012

Polish Haul and Nails Two Ways: Splatter Mint Nails and Mint Cirlces and Dots Nails

I really, really, really need to stop buying polish but these were such good deals that I couldn't pass them up.  Not to mention, oh my, pastels!  Also, I've been generating all sorts of ideas using studs so the Kiss Nail Art Metallic stickers were an especially cool find!

I couldn't wait to try I Need A Refresh-Mint so I painted my base coated nails with two coats of this mint-y polish.

Next, I decided to try Splatter Nails one more time with a smaller straw and had better results this time!  I call these Splatter Mint Nails.

On the other hand, I wanted to try something different so using the same small straw I created circles, half circles, and arches in four different pastel polishes.  Next I took my smallest dotting tool and applied random dots in the same color to each nail.

The Splatter Mint Nails look so cool and my Mint Circles and Dots Nails are extra cool!


  1. This is cute! Looks like you were having a ball lol!

  2. I really like that second one. I was never a fan of the paint splatter, it's just not my aesthetic, nails or canvas - tho it's very well done here. That second one just looks like it was fun to do and it's interesting to look at!

  3. You picked up some really cool colors, but I'm really excited about the Kiss Nail Art Metallic Stickers. I love using nail decals, but I get SO tired of just seeing flower designs at stores. I definitely going to look for this Kiss product!

  4. Melany, aren't those metallic nail art stickers RIDICULOUS?! I've been wanting to do some stud inspired nail art but was unable to find nail art studs that I felt were reasonably priced. I dislike a lot of the nail art decals I see so I just muddle through free-handing what I want OR stamping art on. I purchased these stickers at Wal-mart and they were the last package on the shelf. I hope they aren't hard to find where you are! Good luck and show me what you do with them!