Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 7 of the Year of Polish Challenge: Abstract Valentine Red & Gold French Tip Nails

Valentine's Day is almost upon us and I produced some sexy new heart nails!  To give credit, I did get a bit of inspiration from some Valentine's Day nails from Amy Blair's blog.

These nails start with a clear coat of Pro FX Complete 3.  I then painted a diagonal line in Golden-I from the middle side of one nail to the edge of the other side of the nail.  Next I drew a arch in Ruby Slippers and crossed the diagonal gold line filling in the red lines with more Ruby Slippers.  I completed the heart shape with several small dots in Ruby Slippers to the gold like.  I then painted the gold area with Oscar to add more gold color.  Last, I freehanded small, red hearts on the right side of each nail edge and glued gold confetti hearts to the left nail edge.

I love how these nails are abstract and sparkle and follow a heart theme.