Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rainbow Drip Nails

I get a lot of my inspiration from art and graphics on the web.  Not long ago I came across the following free image from

I thought nails like these would be interesting and tried them out last night.

To get these nails, I started with base coated nails and applied two coats of Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl on each nail.  Next, using the standard ROY G BIV color sequence, I drew drip patterns and drips of red and orange on my thumb nail, orange and yellow on my index finger nail, yellow and green on my middle finger nail, green and blue on my ring finger nail, and blue and dark purple on pinkie finger nail.  I made sure to overlap the lines and drips.

Overall, I am very pleased with these nails and I think they would be perfect for Pride week or just some girly color.  Pastels in a non-ROYGBIV sequence would also be great!


  1. Ohhhh!! That is super cute!! love it

  2. This is just gorgeous! What a great way to use inspiration! :D