Thursday, February 23, 2012

Image Plate Organization

I thought I would show you all how I organize my nail art stamping plates.  Many stamping enthusiasts keep their plates arranged by brands but just like polishes (which I arrange by color, not brand) I arrange my plates by types.  Image plates come in three types: full nail stamps, picture stamps, and french tip stamps so I made some tabs dividing the sheets by type.    The sheets I use are 40 cent baseball card sheets from a local hobby shop and hold 8 image plates per sheet.

Should I buy a few more of these large plates I will probably by some heavy duty page protectors or dividers with pockets to keep them in the binder.

Just a quick note about the image plate types.  To me a full nail stamp covers all or most of the nail.  A picture stamp is just that, a tiny picture to place on some part of the nail like a flower or star.  The french tip stamps are those designed to go on the end of the nail.  One last type of image plate that Ive noticed is image plates with lacy or scrolling bar designs.  If I get more of those, I'll probably make new category called bar stamps.

I love organization!

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