Friday, June 22, 2012

Droid Love Nails

I saw a cross stitched project on Pinterest that had R2D2 and said "B****es love Droids."  While I am not a fan of the first word, I did get a little nugget of inspiration to do some Droid Love nails.  Yes the inspiration monster hits me at the weirdest times and due to the strangest things.

First I must apologize for my woefully short nails.  I had to change a bike tire yesterday that tore up my nails and I had to cut three of them down to nothing so I cut all of them down :(  Ah well...luckily they grow ok! 

Every thing was free-handed for these.  I did galaxy nails on my thumb and pinkie nails, C3P0 and R2D2 on my ring and index finger nails, and Droid Love on my middle nail.  I do love my nerdy pursuits and there is nothing like a Star Wars marathon to get the weekend going. 

These nails won't last long because I am going to a wedding on Saturday.  Might need to tone it down a bit for that.  Which reminds me, congrats to my dear friend, Jaime, the beautiful bride that will marry her love this weekend! 

Don't you love the stream of consciousness post I have going.  Wow.  Must Be Bedtime!

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