Monday, June 18, 2012

Pinterest Zoyas arrived AND Dandelion Nails

Found these in the mail today:)  Now I'm just waiting for my three full size bottles of Zoyas to arrive from their buy three for $15 deal. 


I tried Zuza on right away and started to paint on daisies but they just didn't look quite like I wanted them to so I turned them into dandelions.  This is not my first set of dandelion nails but I do think they are the best so far.

I started with one coat of Zuza over base coated nails.  I then used Tokyo Pearl and drew intersecting lines to form fuzz balls on my thumb and ring fingernails.  I then used White On to draw the stems. accent the dandelions and draw dandelion tufts floating in across the other nails.  I used Recycle to shadow the centers of the dandelions and the ends of the dandelion tufts.  I colored over the dandelion stems with Irish Green and used Tokyo Pearl to draw in wind swirls.  For a finishing touch, I applied Nails, Inc. Electric Lane Holographic top coat to the edges of the dandelion and the dandelion parts floating in the wind.  Last, I covered each nail with Pro FX Complete 3 topcoat. 

These nails turned out very ethereal looking, especially after applying the holographic and regular topcoat.  I'm happy!  What do you think?

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