Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mystery Mani #1

So, this is the first of some occasional mystery manicures I will post where I give you clues and you guess unnamed elements.  More than one of you have helped me determine a nameless polish so I know that we have a lot of combined polish knowledge.

This manicure was a beautiful accident.  As I've said time and again, sometimes I don't know when to quit and the result can go either way.  For this I "finished" my manicure and then thought, what if I add this on top of that?    I would say that this manicure looks like everything I love about Deborah Lippmann's Electric Indigo only on glitter crack and ten times better.  I really love the blue ring around each nail and I can't wait to see these nails sparkle in tomorrow's sunlight!

So bring on the guessing--I am betting that someone will get the answers pretty fast!

Clue #1:  The base color is Blue By You by Sinful Colors
Clue #2:  There are two different glitter effects at work
Clue #3:  The two glitter topcoats are by the same nail polish brand

Hit me with your guesses!  There may be a TBD prize involved for the first person guessing the two glitters used :)  Please comment on this post to participate.  You must guess both elements in the same comment to win, you must be a public GFC follower, and winning is limited to US and Canada participants.


  1. This would be more fun if I knew brands and names but I am terrible when it comes to that stuff. I like it though.

  2. CG Luxe and Lush
    CG prism

    I'm probably wrong, but there's my guess :O)

  3. pretty!

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