Saturday, June 16, 2012

imPRESS Press-On Manicure Review

My opinions of fake nails are well known but I thought I would try out a temporary product.  I've heard it through the nail grapevine that the imPRESS nails have helped press on nails come a long way since the 90s.   One of my main reasons behind not getting semi permanent fake nails is that many duties of my job are nail killers.  Add typing to that as well as the weak state nails are left in after having fake nails removed and the cost and maintenance fake nails require and they just don't work for me.  But!  A product that touts a long lasting manicure but easy removal sounds up my alley! 

I bought the imPress nails in the style of Hottie.  The price tag for imPress products were about $7 at Walmart.  One thing I did like about them at the start was that they have 12 different nail sizes.  If you've tried using the nail stickers you know that it can be hard to get the right size and shape for your particular nails.  I didn't have much of a problem matching sizes or applying these to my nails.

The pictures below are right after application. 

I wore these for two days.  The box says they can last from four to seven days but I lost a nail on my right hand within two.   I should disclose that the nail lost was on my middle finger of my right hand which was misshapen from a freak accident I had as an infant so I think they probably realistically could last at least the four days the product promises. 

Things I like about this product:
--took seconds to apply to each nail/good for quick fixes
--lots of sizes for easy sizing
--quick easy mani without the drying time
--couple of styles that are really hot right now in the nail world
--relatively cheap
--relatively flexible and bend with nail
--nails are not identical in style set, subtle differences in design and color
--no residue left on nails after quick acetone soak and removal

Things I don't like about this product:
--not incredibly realistic looking/obviously fake
--plastic tabs can be hard to remove from sticky backing
--nail edge in cuticle area is flimsy and can be damaged by removing plastic backing
--edges are too rounded for my taste, I like a more squoval appearance
--you should probably avoid any extended contact with water with these, they were looser after a few hand washes
--I'd like to see more classic designs such as french tips, neutral solid colors, more mature designs

When I removed these, I soaked them for a very short time in some pure acetone and peeled them off.  No glue residue seemed to be left on my nails which is a plus. 

Ultimately, if you want some quick, longer nails for an event, trip, or night out without the expense and maintenance of nail salon fake nails, these might be worth trying out. 

As with almost all the products reviewed on Nails, Actually, I paid for this product with my own money and my opinions are always my own. 

Happy nails, ya'll!

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