Friday, June 22, 2012

Zoya nail mail, Sally and Target run, and a Copious score with some swatches!

I finally got my full size Zoyas in from the buy 3 for $15 sale.  I love everything about these polishes.  They are girly and gorgeous and so pigmented. Check out Wednesday and Rory swatches below!

I went to Sally's the other night and found these two lovelies.  All the swatches I've seen look amazing and I was pretty put out not to find Sashay My Way but trust me, I'm keeping a look out for it.  Meanwhile, I do have these gorgeous glitters to work with so oh happy day!

I found this bottle of OPI's Just Spotted the Lizard on Copius and I handily had a $10 credit so I only paid about 22cents for this polish!  Its actually getting hard to find so I am thrilled to find a full size!

Last, I had a late night trip to Target to buy a bike tube, tire pump, and bike bell and stumbled across this beauty sitting with some chips on a shelf.  It had a clearance sticker for about $2 and purple is one of my weaknesses so it came home to live with me!

So getting the Zoyas in made me want to try them immediately.  I painted one hand with Zoya's Rory and all of my toes.  I still felt it needed something so I topped Rory with The Polish Bar's Satellite.
Kinda reminds me fondly of Candy Shop!

The last two photos show how insanely hot Wednesday is.  I cannot get enough of tealish green blue polishes and this one is so perfect.  What nail art does it inspire you to do?  I'm thinking fields of daisies or something equally ethereal!

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