Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lush Lacquer's Flippin Out and some Crazy Awesome Nail Mail!

I was finally able to swatch my Lush Lacquer Flippin' Out.  Since I haven't received a replacement label from the recent name change, I'm just showing the bottle side not the label.  The name of this polish was recently changed and Lush Lacquer asks that we not use the old name--legal reasons, I suspect!  Anyway, this is Flippin' Out over Julep's Emilie.  Great combo, right?!

Yet another label problem with one of my nail mails-- I ordered Princess Celestia from Darling Diva Polish and the bottle was mislabeled.  The store owner is sending me a replacement label but I couldn't wait to show it to you.   Love it in the bottle and will soon have it on my fingers and toes!

 This next polish is Strawberry Limeade from Two Birds One Store.  It reminds me of a different take on Floam or Sand Art.  Soo pretty and says "summer" to me.

I get a lot of polish advice from following The Trace Face Philes blog and facebook page.  She said the Windestine store was open and so I ran over to score these two beauties.

 Someone else on Facebook posted that HSN was having a sweet deal on Deborah Lippman polishes.  Don't Tell Mama and Dream a Little Dream of Me are full size and were under $10 for the pair.  Brings my humble total of DL polishes to 5!

I must confess that I recently dropped my Julep subscription.  There was a little problem with my gift certificate order never arriving and I was given the run around by customer service. After not receiving their 2nd attempt of shipping I gave up.  Still, I love America and O Canada so I happened upon a deal where if I ordered two Julep polishes, I'd receive America for free.  I bought O Canada and the pre-order of Chelsea. So at $24 I got my polishes for $8 a piece.  I'll take that and no, Im not renewing my subscription!

 Last, I ran out of Sinful Colors Snow Me White, one of my nail art staples, and went to Walgreens to replace it.  I found the Suit Up with Haute display and bought these four lovelies too.   I now have 70 Sinfuls...omg!

So I am quickly approaching 500 separate, unrepeated bottles of polish.  That doesn't include the stuff I've bought for giveways.  What an expensive, rewarding,  and cluttering hobby this nail art thing has turned out to be!

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  1. Beautiful colors! I'll fly with you looks stunning!